Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going through life with a smile on my face

Welcome friends to my blog about my daily training, racing, and life.  I would like my blog not to be about me telling you how my training schedule and daily life are, but to be a discussion forum about my training and you own.
Just This past year I was given a blessing in a pill.  I was introduced to Recovery e21 a few months before Ironman Cozumel.  Recovery e21 allowed me to train and work my long hours and keep going strong.
After switching my nutrition to Recovery e21 cramping was a thing of the past, my 100 mile bike rides were cramp free, and running personal bests a very proud and healthy 1:37 half Marathon the day after a 85 mile bike and a night of work.  As the 2011 Triathlon season is approaching and I am deciding what races to take on and what my goals are.  I am even more privileged to to have been chose to race on behalf of my family, myself and as a part of Recover e21.  

So here is to a great year and lets have some fun!

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