Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back at it

            Well the New Year is under way and training is going great, back at it and on to the next one as I like to say.  I have been doing a lot of cross training in the gym and with a good friend Kimo Naehu, founder of “Grass Roots Kicking Hawaii” doing Stretches and Sprints.  I quickly realized in my first session with Kimo the major difference between endurance running and football sprints.  The impact, the stride, and the height you raise your knees, the motion you pull your arms, everything was different.  I was not really that tired when we finished the sets of 40 yard, 60 yard and 100 yard sprints but when I hit the track for some distance work I could feel the weight of the sprints take over and the different muscles that sprinting works.  Although, taking Recovery e21 before and after my workout’s keeps the muscles strong and pushing to the next workout.  I look forward to the weekly work with Kimo and Grass Roots Kicking Hawaii.
            The weather in Hawaii has been great and cool making the perfect training.  A few of my favorite workouts have been just beautiful. Here are a few of my favorites.
-Church swim out of Kaimana beach roughly 2.5 miles according to my Garmin 
-Bike Sierra Drive or Tantalus, the incline is great and the views are perfect.
-Ka’Ena point trail run, This is a beautiful workout with whales, birds, mud, hills, rocks and sea mist in the wind.  It is a pretty demanding off road run but so rewarding.  Bring plenty of water, e21 and food. 

I am interested to know what are your favorite workouts, what are your favorite cross training strength workouts?  

Here is a link to Recovery e21 and a few of the sponsored triathletes short posts about the product.  My friend's get a great discount by entering the promo code - Bgr8 - (any problems let me know)

Happy Training's 

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