Friday, April 29, 2011

LaniKai Triathlon

            Its funny sometimes how you can prepare for something and set yourself to get the proper rest and nutrition, yet life still comes at you fast regardless if you have a race the next morning or not.  I guess when something as small as a broken down car comes up, you just put your priorities first then get ready for the race.  And hey, it is a good story after the fact.  One funny part of my triathlon career is that I have never done an Olympic or sprint distance race on more then 3 hours of sleep. 
            So dark and early lanikai race morning I set up bike and get ready, was a beautiful morning, the type that makes you want to just watch the sun rise with a Chai late sitting on a blanket with your toes in the cold sand.  But not today.  Although it is a short sprint race it was my first race of the year and the plan was to work on transition and just find comfort and the positive parts in my training and race approach. 
            The swim was great, warm water with a bright pink sky above, It was a land start so I am a little less comfortable getting started then in a water mass start, odd but I like the water start better. 
            The bike was cool fast and with a nice climb in the middle made for a little challenge. 
            The run was another story, I felt fine, tired but it was as if I had biked for 100 miles, I had heavy legs and just could not find my legs.  But it was a short run and a beautiful course. 
            Overall it was a great morning of racing and had a great nap in the afternoon.  Looking forward to the rest of the races throughout the year.

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